Re: IMHO: japanese developers in open source

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Posted by Tetsuya Kitahata on July 16, 2003 at 21:50:16:

In Reply to: IMHO: japanese developers in open source posted by Tetsuya Kitahata on June 08, 2003 at 11:49:54:

: 北畠です。最近、Apacheのコミッタに、以下のような質問を受けたので、
: 返事をしてみました。何か気がついた事があれば、レスお願いします・・m(__)m


> > Plus: Japanese companies use the method of scoring by deducting points
> > not by adding points, when judging the successors and measuring the
> > employees' wages. This is a big problem that the Japan-Society has.
> > (Probably this is one of the problems which can be spotlighted when
> > talking about the japanese developers in opensource projects)
> Fuck! You are touching a nerve here! The opensource world works
> *exactly* the opposite: you *earn* points when you make mistakes and
> you publicly apologize. (because we know you will make mistakes,
> otherwise how do you learn?)
> This "covering my ass to show I don't make mistakes" attitude is
> strongly disliked in healthy communities.
> if the japanese society works the other way around, it will be
> impossible for them to earn points because they will do everything to
> prevent them to show the mistakes they make. Which will result in being
> ignored, another thing that would scare them away because they don't
> know that teh values are reversed!
> Wow, I have to take notes on this. This is really important.


(私なんて英語でかなり恥かいてます、すでに(笑)・・Googleの"Cache"と$CASH$を書き間違えたりとか。お返事は、「Actually, it was a very funny slip, since $cash$ can also influence the google search engine.」だったので「Definitely. I am slow on the uptake on every mornings. (GMT +0900) I have to deliberate the enhancements of my *brain* as well as jakarta-site ;-)」とこたえました(笑))

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